Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria | Referral Apps 2022

Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria: If you are looking to find out a few apps that offer referrals, then here are a few best referral apps to use in Nigeria that you should take note of. In conclusion, Nigerian refer and earn apps provide not only an avenue to make payments, savings, and loans online, but they also offer people who have very little to no internet knowledge the chance of earning with these apps by just using a referal link to refer friends and family members to the apps. You can leverage on this referral earning system to get your family and friends on the referral and earn apps, making some interesting money along the way.   

Best Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria

Sl.noEarn Apps 
5Chipper Cash
7Branch App
8Stan Chart
10Jumia One
12Abeg App
13Kuda Bank
19Carry1st Trivia

Earn 200 Naira per Referral

For each friend that you invite that downloads an App, you will get 0.5% of interest for each of the investments that your referral makes. When a friend uses your referral code to send $5 or more from their newly created Cash App account, you will earn a bonus. When someone uses your unique referral code to sign up and deposit their first money, you earn 10% of whatever they deposit. You will earn 1,000N/- for each person that signs up using your referral code, with no limits on how much you can earn.   

To receive the referral bonus, you can get it in the year 2022, by having people who you are referring to the app input your unique referral code at the time of prompting them when signing up to the Cash App. When they sign up using your code, you will get a 50-rupee commission, and you can make as much as 10,000 rupiah a month referring people to Flitaa. Carbon App also gives loans and has a referral programme which pays you N500 when you refer friends to download the app via your link & they take out & pay back the first loan. The companies in this list are only top five apps & referral programs that let you earn by referring friends.   

If you are new to the idea of making money by referring friends, here are a few key ideas to get you started on how it works, and how you can start using the five best apps and websites that pay you for referring friends. As you know by now, I am The Making Money Online Guy, always looking out for the latest techniques, tips, and things that will help you make some easy cash here in Nigeria, and just came across a few of these apps that pay you for referring friends. Cash App is a popular cash transfer app which allows you to be paid by your friends for referring them to the platform. As a student, you can make money with Refer & Earn App by recommending it to classmates, friends, and blasting in Student Discussion Groups (if allowed).   

Go Money App has unique referral system which allows its users to make money, and rewards are given whenever the user refers someone, be it friend or family member. The Go Money app allows its users to earn money from watching music videos, watching Nollywood videos or comedy sketches, amongst several others. GoMoney has got its own referral system, and doing that, you will make a few bucks.   

Moreover, the app offers one of the best Nigerian Referral Rewards, so users are earning significant amounts by referring others. Referral Schemes In Nigeria: Just share your referral link to friends and family, and you could make more than N100,000 every week using this Top 4 Paid Refer & Earn Apps In Nigeria 2021/2022. Invite your friends to register on Kuda Bank and complete their profile sign up, you will get N200 for every one You will get N500 for every referral that you invite on the Abeg App, who successfully completes his or her sign up, and gets at least N100 into his or her newly created Abeg-App account.