How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, then you might have read about how others are making money online. Specifically, how they are making money from the revenue earned from their blogs. Of course, if there was a blueprint on how to do this, you would love to have one.

Well, you’re in luck! There are methods that will ensure that you will be able to make money from your blog. Are you ready to learn how to turn your computer and your blog into a residual money making machine? Great, then roll up your sleeves.

How to create a blog for free on Google and earn money

Step-by-Step to Start a Blog

  1. Pick a Topic or Niche
  2. Select a Platform (WordPress, Medium, Weebly, Blogger)
  3. Domain Name (Hostinger)
  4. Web Hosting (Hostinger)
  5. Post Unique Content
  6. Promote your blog and Increase Traffics
  7. Make money from your blog

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Now, before we delve into the blueprint, you need to know that while executing the blueprint isn’t rocket science, the process won’t be easy either. This isn’t something to execute if you are a person who isn’t willing to put in the work and the effort that will be required. If you work full-time, then you will have to create time to execute this program. Also, know that you won’t make money overnight. However, with effort and with time, you will start to earn money online and then, you’ll simply repeat the same process for all of your other online projects. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to create a blog for free and make money

First, select a domain name. Make sure that the domain name is focused upon a specific keyword. Make sure that your keyword offers low competition, and that it garners up to 5k searches per month. Then, set up a WordPress blog. Make sure to host your blog with a great hosting company. There are hosting companies that offer a C-Panel that works directly with WordPress. Set up the WordPress blog, using one of their free themes, or create a theme of your own.

Next, add plugins to your blog. These help to maximize the blog’s marketing reach online. These plug-ins include All In Yoast SEO, WP-Cache, etc. Use any and all plug-ins that will help to create advertising for the blog so you can earn money online when people read visit and act on your recommendations.

Then, write 20 posts on the blog. If writing is not your strength, then outsource it. Make sure that they are of high quality. Writing high quality post can’t be stressed enough. The search engines will penalize any post that aren’t of high quality, or offers inferior or unrelated information. So, be sure to create useful information on your blogs. Make sure to place a keyword phrase in the first sentence, in the last sentence, and make sure that your keyword density is at two percent. By the way, if you are doing a product review blog, then write five to 10 reviews on your blog. Instead of making the reviews posts on your blog, make the reviews pages on your blog. Make sure to target the product name as well.

Now, schedule your posts for your blog. Start out with two to three posts a day on the blog. Then post one to two post a day until you have 20 post published on the blog. Then, start working on your next blog for a few days, up to a week. Google needs to index the blog that you’ve just completed. So, start working on the next blog for a few days, up to a week until Google indexes the website. Once the first blog is indexed by Google, then start submitting your posts to Create Link building (Off-Page SEO).

Then, create a press release and send the press release to the free press release sites. There are many out there; simply perform an online search to find them. Press release sites garners traffic and high quality backlinks for your new blog, so use this valuable resource. Now, submit about five blog posts to the article directories. The internet is full of free registration article directories.

Share Your Blog Posts in Social Media Like Twitter , Facebook, YouTube etc

Join Affiliate Programs – Amazon Associates, ClickBank Affiliate, eBay Partner Program, Commission Junction,

If you follow these steps, then you will see your blog start to generate traffic and you see that you can make money online. Now that you know what to do, all you need to do now is apply the same rules to other new blogs.

Happy earnings!