Top 8 Best Web Hosting for Small Business 2023 – Review

Web Hosting Providers: When it comes to hosting WordPress blogs, the choice of your web hosting provider will determine the outcome as far as blogging is concerned. The good news is that starting off with WordPress Web hosting doesn’t need to cost you that much given that this platform is absolutely free besides being an open source. As a matter of fact, the cheapest of the shared hosting plan comes complete with a one-click WordPress installer giving you an upper-hand to get started as soon as possible. And if you are a newbie, you can have your first post ready within the shortest time possible using one of the best hosting for WordPress blogs. This article will help you understand the 7 best hosting for WordPress blogs so you may know where to start and how to manage your blog as you go about with your online business.

Review of Top WordPress Hosting Companies

Before getting down to the seven best hosting platforms for WordPress Blogs, you should, first of all, have the following three key factors which are:

  • Speed: This is also known as the “load time”
  • Uptime: Ensure that the uptime for each hosting platform is at least 99.94 percent
  • Customer Support: They should be able to help you solve any WordPress related problem

With all these factors at the back of your mind, you can simply handpick the best hosting for your WordPress blog so easily, knowing that whichever host you take, it will never let you down. Here is a quick review of our top-pick hosting service providers you can rely on:


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2. HostGator

With more than 10 million domains, HostGator comes out as the most popular website hosting providers globally. Why is the case? To begin with, this platform has a load time of 421ms on average and 99.97 percent uptime. Also, HostGator has been ranked as the 3rd fastest web hosting service provide coming second to A2Hosting. When it comes to subscription, HostGator is not so pricey and you can only part with $13.99 on a monthly basis to enjoy world-class hosting services for your WordPress blog.

When you choose HostGator as your ultimate hosting for your WordPress blog, you will not be disappointed either. This is due to the fact that you will benefit a great deal from its feature-packed hosting plans at your disposal. There is also an excellent shared hosting that comes with it and most importantly, it’s a good choice for novice webmasters. Other factors that make HostGator stand out from the rest include outstanding customer care services, simple to use and offering a wide range of useful hosting plans for small businesses and consumers in general.

3. InMotion Hosting

InMotion boasts of a 99.94 percent uptime and a staggering load time of 803ms including a rating of 4 stars out of 5 for excellent customer care support. This WordPress hosting platform is privately owned and it has a customer base exceeding 300,000 domains. On top of that, InMotion owns a website known as “Web Hosting Hub” making it one of the best hosting providers for businesses. And it is affordable whereby the pricing starts from as low as $4.99.

How does it perform? Apparently, InMotion has been consistent over a couple of months ago, offering an uptime of 99.94 percent in a period of 12 months. Be informed that the average load time speed for most of the hosting providers is almost 790 but InMotion test sites have so far managed to have a page loading time of 803ms as mentioned earlier. This speed makes this web hosting second to HostGator and A2 Hosting and this makes it a perfect platform for hosting your WordPress blog. Above all, InMotion is fast, reliable and has good customer support to ensure that your blog is running smoothly all the time.

4. BlueHost

If you are looking for the best professional level host for your WordPress blog then BlueHost is the right choice for you. This is because BlueHost has managed to create its own virtual private server (VPS) based architecture with the aim of delivering optimum WordPress performance through NGINX. This means that BlueHost has taken drastic measures to optimize the low-level setups of its hosting platform for WordPress for better performance rather than using the standard configuration.

However, should you opt for the WordPress standard plan, you will get a 30GB storage space, 1TB bandwidth and some key resources (such as 2BRAM and 2 CPU cores) that are only allocated to you alone. Apart from that, Bluehost lets you enjoy its premium features such as SiteLock Pro which keeps the site malware-free, the SiteLock CDN for optimum performance, the dedicated IP and the easy way with which to manage multiple websites with the help of an excellent ManageWP. For a newcomer, you will also make better use of Blue Spark, a free service to help you with everything related to WordPress. Other plans that you can find within BlueHost are the top of the range plan known as Ultimate Plan and several shared WordPress blog hosting plans. At least BlueHost is there to cater to the needs of everyone.

5. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks comes in handy with 99.93 percent uptime, 520 ms load time ( 36 percent higher than the average load time in the hosting industry) and 4 out of 5-star rating for its customer support services. This hosting provider was founded in 2006 and at the moment it has over 300,000 websites since its inception. GreenGeeks is regarded as the only “truly” green web site hosting in the industry.

Most importantly, GreenGeeks is one of the affordable hosting platforms you can think of. It goes for $3.95 every month and you are likely to get a 30-day money-back guarantee with all the pricing plans included. In addition to that, you will also make good use of the available free site transfer when the need arises. Despite the fact that this hosting provider has all the best attributes that you can make your WordPress blog top-notch, its uptime is actually a draw-back when compared to other platforms. In the real sense, this drawback is, in fact, a deal breaker especially for those who are conversant with a number of web hosting service providers in the industry.

6. InterServer

Choosing InterServer as your hosting for a WordPress blog is a good idea given that you will have a really good hosting experience when running your online business. This hosting provider has a 99.9 percent uptime giving you reasons to consider it to host your website. This uptime shows that InterServer is reliable in content delivery and other related services in general. When it comes to hosting services, you will have several options such as standard web hosting, Net hosting, Pro or reseller hosting, cPanel hosting, Student web hosting and many more. All these options have features that will enable you to build and maintain your blog while carrying on with your blogging activities.

InterServer, however, takes pride by engaging in various activities that target its web hosting services such as hosting WordPress blog among others. Its top quality hardware assures you of optimal performance as well as great uptime for your blog regardless of your hosting plan. To achieve this goal, InterServer takes great measures of restricting the number of daily subscribers to improve the needs of the existing customers. This way, you will stand a better chance of utilizing the best services provided by this platform when you use it to host your WordPress blog. For its pricing, there is nothing to worry about given that InterServer has you covered in every possible aspect. This is to say that you are guaranteed of the same amount of subscription fee throughout unless you make some adjustments to the hosting plan you are using.

7. A2Hosting

When you think of a hosting provider for your WordPress blog that encompasses speed, reliability and affordability, your mind should take you to A2Hosting. This hosting provider is a member of the prestigious WordPress community thus a perfect choice to use it when hosting your blog. Apparently, A2Hosting strives daily to meet all its customers’ needs by giving them a 24/7 support through live chats, emails and phone calls to ensure that everything is running accordingly. That is why you should consider using this web hosting provider for your WordPress blog to enjoy its services and great features that make this platform what it is.

Starting with its Auto-setup feature, you will never ever worry about the WordPress install when using the A2 Hosting service provider. This feature will ensure that the WordPress install files are done on your behalf long before you even get started. For the speed, this hosting provider has what it takes to like it. Its turbo servers give you the fastest and most reliable WordPress hosting you can think of. On top of that, it has been pre-configured using only the best speed accompanied by the best security settings. Above all, its free SSL and global servers let you host your blog close to your target audience thanks to the available global data centers.

8. FastComet

Why should you consider using FastComet as your host for your WordPress blog in the first place? A simple explanation of your choice should be that FastComet comes with services and features that will blow your mind. This platform comes with a free domain where you are only required to register or transfer your pre-existing domain for free. As if that is not enough, this web hosting provider will also renew your domain absolutely free. And that’s not all that FastComet will offer you. Come to think of 300 % faster access to your databases and files that this web hosting platform will guarantee you before making up your mind to have it for your WordPress blog.

While you are still fascinated with that fact, there is still more to come and in this regard, the free Cloudflare CDN that comes with FastComet will ensure that you distribute your content to reach your audiences in time and wherever they are across the globe. In other words, this feature will help speed up your website or blog. For easy point-and-click management of your hosting platform, you will find the cPanel to be more than helpful in this regard. This feature has been voted to be the most powerful and popular web hosting control panel that you can always trust. Just like most of other hosting providers, FastComet assures you of a weekly or daily backup of your data and also a free 24/7 support to give you peace of mind while advancing your blogging skills.

How to Choose a Hosting Service Provider?

When choosing your hosting service provider, there are factors to consider. Now that this is a noble step that your blog will rely on, the following factors should guide you when choosing your host:

Reliability-Your hosting provider should be able to guarantee you at least 99,9 % uptime and faster loading of pages on every browser.

Ease of use-The host you choose should give you a simple process of accessing your blog remotely through an up-to-date control panel application.

Customer Support-The host of your choice should always be there for you and ready to tackle any problem related to hosting.

Hosting packages-The available packages should be able to match your specifications.

Price-This can vary from host to host but ensure that the features that each hosting plan provides are helpful and the cost lies within your budget.

Hosting plans-There are several hosting plans to choose from depending on your needs and these are shared hosting, E-commerce hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting among others. Look out for those plans before settling on any given hosting for your WordPress blog.


There are quite a number of hosting providers online today but choosing the right one for your WordPress blog can be a tricky venture. Luckily, you’ve learnt how to get your ideal host and what should guide you when choosing it. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore when it comes to making the right decision on the best hosting for WordPress Blog anymore.