12 Best SEO Tools to Help You Rank Higher in Google

Best free SEO Tools: There are Various SEO tools for finding niche research to content optimization to link building and even conversion rate optimization etc but using the Right Tools is very Important for the Digital Marketers.

How do I get high rankings on Google SEO?

In order to Rank higher in Google, here are some the Best SEO tools.

1.Surfer SEO

Surfer is a data driven content tool that uses correlational analysis to help you write we Use the most is the content editor this is a tool you can use to create a data driven content brief to hand over to your writers it looks at the top people ranking for the keyword you want to write for and figures out things like word length and natural language processing entity frequencies to tell your writers exactly how they need to write.

2. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is hands down excellent when it comes to competitor analysis plug in your competitor into site explorer head over to organic keywords and you’ve got yourself a solid keyword research process it has more competitor-based keyword research.

3. Hunter.io

Hunter io we send tens of thousands of emails per day in our link building outreach efforts hunter helps make that Happen thank you hunter for helping us spam the internet once you’ve created a list of websites that you’d like a link from via your link prospecting use hunter to track down what the email addresses are for that site so you can reach out to them.

4. Google Search Console

Google search console google search console is available to anyone that wants to sign up with them which i definitely recommend it’s really good at helping you identify coverage issues like indexing problems redirect issues or 404 errors google search console is also the place you want to go if you want to get.

5. Accuranker

Accurinker is a rank tracker which is basically a tool used to monitor keyword rankings over time so You don’t have to check them manually it’s got all the typical features you’d see in a rank tracker like being able to see ranking improvements on given keywords over time.

6. Google Analytics

we use Google analytics for tracking traffic and conversions now i’ll be the first to tell you that looking at your traffic or your rankings of Website.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly grammarly is a content writing tool that will on the fly check your content for grammar and spelling issues all of our writers write in google docs with the surfer add-on installed and as they’re riding along the grammarly browser extension makes sure they don’t utterly butcher the grammar of the content or create spelling mistakes.

8. VWO

VWO fits your growth strategy & helps build engaging experiences that convert. Try #1 A/B testing platform.

9. SEO Testing

SEO testing that makes testing a hell of a lot easier this tool interfaces with google search consoles so you get actual impression and click data in order to tell you if your experiments are working or not they also organize everything in a super neat way before this tool we were using sheets and rank trackers and it was just messy af now the next tool

10. Aweber

Managing a list of subscribers and communicating with them now there’s many email marketing tools.Easy to Use email marketing for affiliate sites and aweber has a perfect level of price ease of use and customer support.

11. Keyword Cupid

Cupid keyword cupid is a clustering tool that uses machine learning and google’s actual search results to determine how you should group keywords together or namely what keywords to write on the same page.

12. Screaming Frog

Screaming frog screaming frog is a crawler it’s a tool that’s used to crawl your website from link to link and it’ll pull up a ton of stats on each page like load time response codes 404 errors missing title tags meta descriptions redirection problems etc

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